Minor League season to be staggered?

Evan Drellich is reporting over at the Athletic($), that if there isn’t a COVID vaccine by the time Spring Training starts, they’ll stagger the start of the Minor League season. Meaning that Major League and Triple-A would report to Spring Training at the normal time. And then when the season starts for MLB and Triple-A, lower minor leagues would then attend Spring Training and have most likely a shortened season.

Even that is iffy with what’s going on as far as Minor League Baseball is concerned. Major League Baseball is looking to take control of the minor league system. As you might know, there are a lot of teams up for contraction this offseason. So right now even the state of the minor’s is a fluid situation as to what is exactly going to happen next season.

I highly doubt we’ll have a vaccine in time to start Spring Training, awesome of it happens, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hell, we don’t know if they’re going to be able to play in front of fans, same goes for the Minors and depends on the rules in those specific towns. There a lot up in the air as far as next season goes, not as much as the season past – but close.

So we all better buckle up and setting into this offseason.

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