How do the MVP finalists stack up?

Yesterday the BBWAA named their three finalists for the Most Valuable Player for the National League. All three players named were not much of a surprise. The Dodgers are represented by Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman of the Braves, and Manny Machado from the San Deigo Padres.

There are nine days to go before we hear who has won the award. Scuttle butt has it that Freeman is the odds on favorite among baseball writers. If Freeman does take away the award, it’ll be the first time a Brave has won it since his mentor Chipper Jones won it in 1999.

So let’s see how the three stack up and we’ll come to our conclusions.

Freddie Freeman


Mookie Betts


Manny Machado


At a quick glance, Freeman is superior to Betts and Machado by a long shot. Just looking at the numbers it would seem like it would be a no-brainer. I’ve seen a few people talk about how this is Mookie’s award to lose. Which I find ridiculous on so many levels, that I can’t believe I addressed it here.

Seriously there are some bad takes out there. It’s all right here, you can compare the numbers yourself, but everything is turning up Freeman. Marcell Ozuna deserves to be recognized, I hope he lands in the Top 5. After almost winning the Triple Crown, he kinda deserved to be in the conversation. Finishing in the Top 5 would be nice to have on the resume that could in theory get Ozuna more money, depending on where he ends up.

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